MyCatFinancial | CVA Dashboard

Here are a couple of screens–what I can show publicaly anyway–of some work I did at Caterpillar financial with regard to the Customer Value Agreement (CVA) dashboard. The idea was to give the user all the pertinent information they needed at a glance, in order to make an informed decision.

RiderConnect™ Mobile App

RiderConnect™ is an application that allows motorcycle riders to mark, name, and rate their favorite routes and roads. When I first moved to Nashville, I realized I didn’t know anyone who rode and I especially didn’t know where all the good roads were. And even as I got to know other riders in the area, I came to discover that many only knew one or two routes. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to have a repository of sorts, that riders can use to discover new and amazing adventures?” RiderConnect uses MapBox™ SDK and APIs such the Map-Matching and Draw APIs to render and allow the user to draw a routes, which are then saved to a Firebase Database.

NashvilleTheater is an idea I’ve had for quite some time to help support the dwindling community theater scene in Nashville. Think: Movie Pass for live theater! Users can select one of 4 subscription levels; each with a set number of credits that can be redeemed for a ticket to a show at any affiliated theatre. Theaters themselves subscribe (affiliate), choosing from their own selection of levels that best fits their needs. Sadly due to the pandemic closing many of the theaters that wanted to buy-in to the concept and my relocation to Austin, Tx killed the project. But the base of the site is there on GitHub.

IronGuides® Mobile App

This was a total shot in the dark and sort of thought exercise that I presented to the powers-that-be at Iron Solutions. The idea was to take our already celebrated IronGuides® desktop platform and design a mobile app around it, exploiting smart phone hardware like the camera for scanning barcodes to auto-populate equipment information in the appraisal, or the GPS chip to use location services to pick the right valuation region.